Trujillo and its Peneplane from the Fortress
Conoce Extremadura
Conoce Extremadura

Conoce Extremadura

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Nature is the main ingredient in our trips. We combine it with history, old legends, art, and a pinch of mysticism, for a travel recipe tailored to your personal taste. We want your travel experience to be the best it can be, and we will be happy to modify any itinerary to suit your needs.
Lacara Dolmen in Nava de Santiago the biggest in Extremadura

In the "Routes and Trips" section you will find information about the trips we organize in the various counties of Extremadura. You will discover exciting itineraries and travel options. We specialize in the Extremadura region, but we will gladly take you to neighboring Portugal and Castilla.
The prices we quote are for trips strarting and ending in Plasencia, where we are based. You may however choose a different starting point. Just tell us where you want to leave from and arrive to, if you need to be picked up at the airport or at the railway station ,and we’ll calculate a price for you. You can use the "Contact" section for it.
We love Extremadura, come and join us!
Our advantages
- diverse itineraries to suit a variety of
- tailor-made events.
- competitive prices.

Are you interested in our trips?
We’ll be delighted to help you. Just call us!
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(+34) 927 70 25 01, (+34) 637 56 73 79

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A Birdwatching Tower in Santiago de Alcantara Las Viñas Tower Tajo River St Pedro Mountains
Lácara dolmen, near Nava de Santiago
Bird Observatory, las Viñas, Santiago de Alcántara
Just tell us what you want to see, how you prefer to travel, how many people are in your party, and when you plan to come, and we’ll design a trip for a very competitive price.
We organize events and travels, from day trips to longer holidays. We are inspired by a deep love and respect for our land, and we want you to share in our enthusiasm for its beautiful nature and wildlife.

Extremadura is a treasure chest filled with stunning nature, ancient history, vibrant culture and art, and inspiring religious sites. Let us open it for you. You’ll fall in love with our folklore, our crafts and our food. See it once, and you’ll want to come back.
Valdastillas Road in Spring sorrounding of Cherry Trees in Blossom Jerte Valley
Flowering Cherry 2008, Valdastillas, Jerte Valley
Come explore Extremadura, We´ll guide you to its wonders!
Interview for Extremadura Radio Channel on September 3, 2013
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